Unusual Umbrella Emporium

Commission for Hendricks Gin Unusual Umbrella Emporium, London.

Cigar Umbrella.
Pipe Umbrella.
Collaboration with Peter Gosbee.

Cocktail Umbrellas for Bartender Contest

Some of the bartender umbrellas for the Unusual Umbrella Emporium. 

Savoy Atrium Umbrella.
Silk, paper, bamboo, vintage cane with sterling handle.
Inspired by Erik Lorenz, American Bar, Savoy Hotel, London.
Artesian Umbrella.
Vintage umbrella, paper, ribbon, acrylic paint, gold leaf. 
Inspired by Alex Kratena, Artesian Bar @ The Langham, London.
Quo Vadis Umbrella.
Inspired by Miriam Lorendova, Quo Vadis, London.
ECC Umbrella. 
Rice paper, green Pandan essence, gold leaf. Completely edible, 
just remember to spit out the bamboo stick...
Inspired by Thor Bergquist, Experimental Cocktail Club, London.
The Cucumbrella Cup.
Collaboration with Peter Gosbee.

Nightingale Tree

Height 35 cm. Commission for HG's Carriage of Curiosities.
First described in 1723 by western travellers visiting the Moroccan court, the Nightingale Tree used to entertain the sultans with its beautiful singing voice. In its hayday it directed a 30 piece orchestra but it fell silent in 1860; coincidentally the year of the first sound recording. However, every full moon it can still be heard humming a little tune.